Veranda is a two dimensional robot simulation ROS2 application.   It is the default simulation program used by the Roboscience textbook.

Veranda is a ROS 2 application which means that you will need to have installed ROS 2.  We currently only have a build for Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS2 Ardent.


  • ROS2 is a prerequisite (ROS2 wiki).  Please follow the instructions provided by the ROS 2 development team:  ROS2 Install
  • Install (Ubuntu)
    • Download the install script:  (no special install location needed)
    • Make the script executable.  From the terminal:  chmod +x
    • Run the script under sudo:   sudo ./
      • This script will ask the following questions:
        • Is ROS 2 installed and what is the location?
        • What shell do you want to use?
        • Where to download Veranda (temp location)?
        • Where to extract?
      • The script will install Veranda, setup paths and environment variables.
    • From the command line type  veranda .    This should bring up the application.